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Color Belt Promotion Test

Registration Deadline: JUN 21 (Fri), 10pm

Test Date: 

Jun 23, 2024 (Sun) 


16/F Chung Wai Commercial Building

447-449 Lockhart Road

Causeway Bay, HK


2:00-2:45pm Test

Test & Practice Fee

Regular Student: $750

DBSPD TKD Elective Student: FREE

Payment Methods:
CASH only, payable to the test registration desk upon arrival.

Private Test:
Private test is available for a Total Fee of $1500 per student. If you choose this option, we will contact you to arrange a test on another day.


1) Only 1 guest per student.

3) Anyone who shows any symptoms of U.R.T.I/COVID-19 must wear a medical mask the whole time. 

Please feel free to contact Master Yeung at 6226-6021 if you have any questions or concerns.

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