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Literally meaning “the striking way of hand and foot”, Taekwondo is a Korean traditional martial art which has been continuously evolved from a collection of military combat skills to a form of dynamic martial sport. Practiced by approximately 40 million in more than 140 countries, Taekwondo is also an official Olympic event since year 2000.

Taekwondo is a total learning activity. Our programs are specifically designed for students in different ages, levels and needs.  

By completing the curriculum which includes punching, kicking, sparring and self-defence skills, our students will fundamentally improve their body co-ordination, flexibility, balance, and mental acuity.

There are 10 different Taekwondo Color Belts (from White to Red-black) symbolizing rank and further 9 degrees (Dan) in Black Belt. The various belt provides public recognition of a student's achievement and a framework of mutual expectations.  

Each year  there will be about 3 promotion tests held at our headquarter at "SOGO".  It usually takes a fresh student about 4 to 5 years to become a Black Belt.  

Taekwondo continuously makes changes in participants' life by giving them challenges, setbacks and encouragements.  A majority of our students have experienced rewards as well as failures during their progress.  It is a primary goal of ours to tune our students into a better shape for real life harshness in the future. 

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