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By submitting the online enrollment form, you (or your parents/guardians) are deemed to understand and agree the following terms and conditions (including our class cancellation policy in Clause 4 below).

Terms and Conditions:

(1) Fee is not refundable or transferable.​

(2) Since the no of students in each class are now regulatorily limited, student must enroll into the full term in order to register.

(3) In case of an absence (with an advance notice), a makeup class may be arranged in the same term period if a suitable alternative class is available.

(4) Important: Class Cancellation Policy 

In case of a class cancellation due to:


(i) bad weather (incl. T8, T10 & Black Rain Warning)

(ii) social protests/activities (actual or foreseeable)

(iii) social health protection

(iv) an order by the government or state authorities.

(v) a force majeure event (beyond ISA’s control)

Absolutely NO CREDIT is allowed to be carried toward any future terms and  NO FEE will be refunded or transferred.

ISA on the other hand will endeavor to provide an online class (tentatively via Zoom Cloud Meeting) with the same start time of the affected class. An individual notice or confirmation will be distributed on a case-by-case basis.

 (5) All unused credits will be EXPIRED at the end of the same term.

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